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Shadow on the Wall

My name is Edward

As a young boy, I already had a fondness for animals. Growing up between dogs, cats, horses, and chickens at home I painstakingly annoyed my parents into taking me to the zoo as often as possible.


There was something about the African wildlife that fascinated me. At first, I would spend hours just observing them, later, when I got a camera, I spent my time photographing them and turning these pictures into calendars.


In 2021, my dream came true. I was able to follow an internship at Bambela Wildlife and Rehab Center and first time was really able to interact with a variety of wild animals the way my childhood hero, Steve Irwin, did. Here, I discovered that it was these experiences and the preservation of the species that I want to share with like-minded guests. I hope to bring you a unique combination of fun, comfort and know how when you visit our family lodges.

and welcome to 
monkey mountain

Monkey Mountain is a family resort. Whether you would like to fill your stay with excursions to visit the Elephant Experience, visit the Monkey Rehabilitation Center, go on a game drive, play with the kids on the playground or spend the day with your family at the pool.


At the end of the day, you can join us at one of our ‘braai’ places or choose a more intimate setting at your own lodge. This is just a handful of the activities we offer and will be adding to the list very soon.

Worlds End South Africa

January 2021

March 2021

June 2021

August 2021

September 2021

Started monkey rehab internship

Fell in love with South Africa

Adopted a zebra on my birthday

Brought my mom’s Dutch dogs to South Africa

Opened Monkey Mountain Family Lodge

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